About ITC

As a premier law firm specializing in customs and trade matters, ITC has gained international accolades for its inspired solutions to clients' cross-border concerns. Formed twenty years ago, its trade advisors can trace their customs and international trade expertise to practice in government and private sectors. ITC is proud to be the first choice of high-performing companies for their most challenging customs and trade matters in both the United States and abroad. The core of our firm is comprised of customs attorneys, licensed customhouse brokers, former Customs Service field auditors and industry professionals. In addition, the firm relies on a network of affiliated lawyers and professionals in related disciplines, including international tax, accounting, duty drawback, foreign customs and VAT, logistics and distribution. This breadth permits ITC to furnish the most comprehensive counsel available.

All too often, importers and exporters react to customs and trade issues only after they have surfaced as problems. We help our clients seize the initiative with workable solutions to customs and supply chain challenges. Our working philosophy: anticipate issues and devise strategies which meet importers' and logistics professionals' responsibilities and maximize cost-saving potential. We are especially keen to integrate customs and trade planning objectives with our clients' other operating objectives, including supply chain enhancement, manufacturing efficiencies, intellectual property rights protection, warehousing and distribution and, of course, product sourcing.

The firm represents domestic and foreign-based clients, ranging in size from start-up to the largest multinational. They represent all product sectors: technology, retail, household products, apparel, footwear, telecommunications and automotive, among others. This wide experience translates directly to timely and cost-effective deliverables.

We stand ready to draw upon decades-long experience in representing clients within the administrative agency process and our attorneys are qualified to represent clients before the United States customs courts. ITC trade advisors deliver strategic solutions for trade and customs issues.

Strategic Partnerships

ITC has developed close collaborations with world trade advisors around the country and around the world, including alliance partners in Montreal, Mexico City, Paris, Bogota, Montevideo, Sao Paolo, London, and Sydney, among others. We will often field a project team with these elite professionals. ITC prides itself on maintaining close ties with leading public accounting and tax advisory firms.

While we have the capability of handling a wide array of issues that arise from the cross-border movement of goods and services, we have unsurpassed expertise in the interplay of customs valuation and international tax and transfer pricing. As a result, we integrate our customs advisory services with tax advisers' strategies. Related-party pricing for customs valuation is closely related to transfer pricing for income tax purposes. We are also mindful of the close correspondence between such tax issues as contract manufacturing and the passive income rules of Subpart F and customs valuation treatment. 

Finally, ITC has a working relationship with Neville Customs Brokers and has built strong ties with other leading customs brokers and freight forwarders and with supply chain professionals.

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